Wifi with Facebook Check-In

Check-In with Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google

If you're from the time you were sticking wallpaper to your customers to access your WiFi

So you are practically a dinosaur!

Available for all countries, we indicate the correct device and you buy it yourself

Wifi com CheckIn no Facebook

Wifi with Check In for your customer access

Our system uses a device connected to your Wifi cable.
Just this, nothing more, only a network cable and an outlet!

Facebook Wifi


In this case the check-in appears on the user's timeline.
Our system also posts on the timeline as well as check-in.
Email, Phone, Date of Birth, Facebook Profile, Gender is data that is permanently stored in our system so you can do any kind of digital media such as SMS, Whatsapp, Email marketing, Invite to like Facebook Pages, Groups, send messages using Facebook Direct among others.

Your customer will also be able to access your Wifi using other networks like



CeckIn Instagram
CheckIn  com Linkedin


Wifi com CheckIn no Google


Wifi com CheckIn no Twitter

Or using your own panel registration

Wifi com Checkin noGoogle

In all situations, the data of the accessor will be permanently saved in the online panel, where you can access anytime from anywhere.

There is nothing on the market like the Autland.Com Hotspot Dashboard, here are some options, among several metrics and reports that would be tiring to put here on this page:

Permanent list of users who have accessed your wifi, with all data mentioned above, with reports

Usuários CheckIn Faceook

Distribution by age range, this can be accessed via graph or reports.

Wifi acesso facebok

Distribution by gender range, this can be accessed via graph or reports.

Wifi Mulhe Facebook

Last visitors, this can be accessed via graph or reports.

Wifi Checkin

Connection Preferences

Wifi CheckIn


Do you have access time control? YEA
Need one more internet in my establishment? NOT
Can I set a part of my internet for customers only? YEA
Do you have a connection limit per device? Yes, the basics support 200 connections, but you can buy more advanced handsets.
Is it monthly plan? No, it's annual.
Is the device lending? No, the device stays with you.
Can I change the Facebook page, Post, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Access etc? YEA
Can I change physical places? YEA
What kind of signal does it emit? WIFI
What is the distance? No obstacles over 30,000 square meters (200mt diameter)
Can I put a router in it and extend the signal further? YES, it has 3 cable entries to do this.
Is it possible for the user to evaluate the location before connecting? YEA
Is it possible to create polls? YEA
Is it possible to use all data to make any kind of campaign? YEA
Do you get the emails? YEA
Get the cell numbers? YEA
Do you get the names? YEA
Take date of birth? YEA
Do you take gender? YEA
Generate reports? YES, countless, with the most diverse combinations.

Wifi CheckI Facebok

Autland Hotspot
Linux internal system
256-bit encryption security
10/100 Mbps network
Wifi at 2 Ghz
Can be connected in series
You may have other hotspots connected to your device.
1 year warranty

Aparelho + Painel Online

Licença de 1 ano R$ 1.499

NOTE: A Autland não tem concorrente, não existe outra empresa que tenha um painel, que guarde os dados, que permita envio de SMS e Whatsapp que pegue lista de celulares + perfis do Facebook + CFP como manda a Lei no Brasil